Ready To Replace The Water Heater?

Yes, at 5000 VA every time I draw hot water from the tank it is time to consider the alternatives. So, what is out there now and what will I choose because it is time to replace the old water heater and I don’t like paying the electric bill.

Many new and improved water heaters have been introduced in recent years. And I can see from the specs that they will help out the power problem that we all face. Since I am not into reviews of specific products, I’ll simple give you a couple of ideas to follow up on at your local home improvement store.

There are now many good ‘on demand’ or ‘tankless’ water heaters available. If you have a single story house with most of the water usage close together, then you may want to consider buying one large ‘tankless’ water heater and have it installed in the same location as your existing tank water heater. The plumbing is going to be fairly easy and the old electrical connections will probably do. Check with your installer for their opinion.

If your hot water locations are spread out a lot more, such as in a large ranch style home or a home with more than one floor with over 3000 square feet of living space and multiple bathrooms, then you may want to consider one large tankless water heater and add one or two smaller under the sink units for those rooms that are not so centrally located.

Here is an easy way to tell how far these are from the hot water source. Using a stop-watch, turn on the water and start the timer and measure how long it takes for the water to get hot. If it takes more than one minute then you are a very long way from the central water heater. I would do this test on one location, such as the bathroom off of the master bedroom, and then wait a few hours before testing a second location. This will give the hot water drawn through the pipes to the first location time to cool off in case there are some pipes in common.

I would also like to do an article on solar hot water heaters because they should be the devices that reduce your water heating bill the most using a renewable energy source. But that is for another time.


  1. Dr.J. says:

    Check the warranty period for your current water heater. If it is a 20 year warranty, then it is one reason to consider a change. I remember the last ‘old’ water heater that I tried to nurse back to health. I replaced the elements and a few months later it sprung a leak. My repair was wasted.
    And thanks for pointing out the tax credits that are available for these devices.

  2. Tankless Water Heater Reviews says:

    It really is incredible just how much we’ve accomplished and how effective we’re becoming but im nonetheless on the fence about retaining my 20 year old tank. I dont consider the Pros of tankless outway the cons of a common tank.

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