TED Wireless Display

The Energy Detective Wireless Display is a very handy device for a quick look at your power consumption. Since it is wireless, you can take it with you around the house and see how much effect turning on a light can make to your electric bill.

If your mission is to lower your bills, then the first task is to measure what you are using. My favorite? Take this Wireless Display to your kitchen and make some breakfast on the electric stove top. While you are at it, start the laundry and see your energy use go to new highs.

If you know what you are using, you have a better chance at changing your habits. It is estimated that one who has installed an energy monitoring device has lowered their electrical energy use by as much as 15%. Now, if your average bill is $150 a month, you are saving $22.50, just from the knowledge that your energy monitor gave you.

So, carry the remote display with you or leave it plugged into the attractive recharger on your mantle or office desk. You will be glad that you did.

The TED Wireless Display is sold both as a part of the 5000C series kits, and separately. If you purchase it separately, it must be used with at least one TED-5000G or TED-5000C system. The TED kits provide a system with one or more Measurement Transmitter Units with Current Transformers and an optional Wireless Display.

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