TED Measuring and Transmitting Unit

The Energy Detective Measuring and Transmitting Unit (MTU) is installed in your breaker panel or energy generation system (solar,wind, hydro, etc) to measure the voltage and current and transmit those measurements over the electrical wiring in your building to the TED Gateway.

The MTU gets its power from the circuit breaker panel and should be installed by a qualified electrician. It takes about 5 minutes to install one MTU and a set of Current Transformers.

I installed my own, but I also know how not to get electocuted by touching the high voltage wiring in a circuit breaker panel. If you have any doubts, call an electrician. One mistake and you could be seriously injured or even killed. Play it safe.

The results that you get from the MTU are accurate to 1 Watt which is very good for this kind of device.

The Energy Detective (TED) Measuring and Transmitting Unit (MTU) is part of the 5000-C and 5000-G Series energy-monitoring kits from Energy, Inc.

The MTU is sold as a part of the 5000 series kits, as a set with the Current Transformers, and by itself. It must be used with a TED Gateway.

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