TED Gateway

The Energy Detective Gateway collects and stores your power usage in a simple networked device for a time period of up to two years. The most recent data is retained while the oldest data drops off.

Simply connect the Gateway to your local internet router and view the data on your PC/Mac or send the data to an internet cloud application with the 5000-G series kits.

Or, you could purchase the remote wireless display with your TED system and carry the remote with you through the building to locate the source of that 250 watt drain that is costing you $18 per month with the 5000-C series kits.

The Energy Detective (TED) Gateway is part of the 5000-C Series and 5000-G Series energy-monitoring kits from Energy, Inc.

View the data over your local internet using the built-in ‘Footprints’ software. You can view the data in many different ways …

  • month by month for the last two years
  • day by day for the last two weeks
  • hour by hour for the last 48 hours
  • minute by minute for the last 48 hours
  • second by second for the last 60 minutes

The TED Gateway is sold both as a part of the 5000 series kits, and separately. If you purchase it separately, it must be used with at least one MTU/CT set. The kits provide a system with one or more Measurement Transmitter Units with Current Transformers and an optional Wireless Display.

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