TED Current Transformers

These Current Transformers are used for measuring the voltage and current in your home or business. They are designed to measure one 200 Amp service and are accurate to 1 Watt. This means that you can even measure those 12 Watt night lights in your hallway while measuring the 3000 Watt water heater.

You can also use them to measure individual circuits, such as the circuit that feeds your HVAC system or swimming pool pump.

When installed the Current Transformers are hidden away inside of your circuit breaker panel where they silently measure your VA usage.

The Energy Detective (TED) set of two Current Transformers (CT) is part of the 5000-C and 5000-G Series energy-monitoring kits from Energy, Inc.

The Current Transformers are sold separately, as a set with the MTU, and as part of the 5000 series energy usage kits. A CT  must be used with a Measurement Transmitting Unit.

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