Secrets. Shhhhh. It is hard to keep a secret. When something goes right and you are just itching to tell someone about it, it is lot like a teapot on the stove – lots of pressure under the cap.

So, what on earth am I talking about? Physics and the laws thereof. With the popularity of the internet come certain other features. One of these is information and another is dis-information. Someone wantes to reveal a secret of physics and someone else wants them to keep it quiet. Who will win?

One of the laws of physics is the law of conservation of energy. There are a lot of people who think that they know what that law says and many more that don’t. I am discovering that this law is mis-stated and mis-applied more often than not. Hey, don’t you trust Joe? He’s the one that told me this thing could never work.

Many people say that ‘There is no perpetual motion machine because the law of conservation of energy prevents it.’ And several others say that ‘there are no overunity devices because the law of conservation of energy prevents them’. But there are overunity devices in existance, and you probably own more than one of them.

What? How can I own something that cannot exist? Because it does exist. It is called . . . the heat pump. Yes, it puts out more energy than it takes to run it; X in and Y out where Y is larger than X. I can hardly believe it myself, but read about the heat pump.

Here is the calculation method. And here is a statement from Daikin, a company that makes highly efficient heat pumps. “A heat pump’s efficiency is measured in COP (Coefficient of Performance), and Daikin’s heat pumps achieve COP’s of up to 5: meaning one unit of consumed energy yields 5 units of heated or cooled energy.” There are many heat pumps with COP ratings of only 2.0 or 3.0, but that is still more out than in.

Wow. They are stating that you put one unit of energy in and get 5 units of energy out. That is 5 times overunity. If one device exists, then others exist or will soon exist. David killed Goliath and proved that a small-statured Israelite could take down a monsterous man with 6 fingers. Afterward, history records that others killed Goliath’s sons who were no less giants than he was.

It is just a matter of time and one or more of these hidden overunity devices will emerge as products that you can buy at your favorite home improvement store.

The secrets of physics are still hidden from most. But for the rest of us? We have some secrets that are still un-told and will remain that way until … well, someday will come.

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