Power Your House – Lower Your Bills

What does it take to get off the grid? It starts with information. If you don’t know where you are going you are sure to end up somewhere. So …

The first step that you should take is to measure the power that you consume. You will likely find that there is a baseline amount, maybe 1.5Kwatts that you consume 24 hours a day. Above that you find the power consumed when large appliances in your home come on, such as the electric water heater, electric stove, or a whole house air conditioner.

Google Power - chart

(I stayed up late that night.)

Now you have a goal. If you can provide a little more than that, say 2.0 kWatts of electrical power to your home 24 hours a day, then you will knock that power bill down to maybe 10 to 20% of what it is today. The only power that you will purchase from Edison will cover your peak demands and you may find that they are not all that big. Get an energy monitor (or build your own) and do the math.

Next, you look at the existing technologies and see which ones you can afford; wind, solar, hydro, steam, or some other. If you can’t afford to change using the existing technologies, then you’ll just have to get busy inventing one because there are no others at the present time.

There are a lot of experimental devices being advertised on the internet. Many of them are just a means to take your money and run. None of them are in production or they would be added to the wind, solar, hydro, steam list. You would find them at Lowes and Home Depot and they would be packaged and safe to use. Not even Hydrogen Fuel Cells are ready for that market. Since they do not yet exist it will take you and a very large sum of money to bring them into a state where they will be useful to you. That sum of money will far exceed the cost of your electric bill. I know of companies who have spent millions of dollars to implement their new ideas. So, how big did you say your electric bill is?

If you are not interested in becoming an inventor, then stop looking for the ‘silver bullet’ device that will supply you with endless energy (as some are promising). Save your money until you can afford the existing alternatives. If you do not become a successful inventor, you will at least be able to say that you were not a fool that was parted from his money.

(Note: Re-written from an article that I wrote for another group as a catalyst for this subject. )

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