Choosing the right inverter

There are several classes of power inverters available for your personal power project and the inverter is probably the most expensive part of the power system. The battery bank for solar applications comes in at a close second. So, let’s try to sort out the differences between inverters and see if we can make the decision easier.

I’ve decided to do this over a series of articles covering these subjects.

Inverter classes: grid-tie, grid-tie-interactive, micro-inverters.
Inverter types : sine wave and modified sine wave.
Inverter construction : transformer or no transformer.
Inverter quality: cheap and dirty or well-built.
Inverter Cost : In general they are $1 per watt.

I’ll get these out as quick as I can, so get the RSS feed for this blog and stay tuned in. I am also looking in to putting these articles on my YouTube channel and will let you know as soon as they are available.

Dr. J.

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