TED Wireless Display

The Energy Detective Wireless Display is a very handy device for a quick look at your power consumption. Since it is wireless, you can take it with you around the house and see how much effect turning on a light can make to your electric bill.

If your mission is to lower your bills, then the first task is to measure what you are using. My favorite? Take this Wireless Display to your kitchen and make some breakfast on the electric stove top. While you are at it, start the laundry and see your energy use go to new highs.

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TED Gateway

The Energy Detective Gateway collects and stores your power usage in a simple networked device for a time period of up to two years. The most recent data is retained while the oldest data drops off.

Simply connect the Gateway to your local internet router and view the data on your PC/Mac or send the data to an internet cloud application with the 5000-G series kits.

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TED Measuring and Transmitting Unit

The Energy Detective Measuring and Transmitting Unit (MTU) is installed in your breaker panel or energy generation system (solar,wind, hydro, etc) to measure the voltage and current and transmit those measurements over the electrical wiring in your building to the TED Gateway.

The MTU gets its power from the circuit breaker panel and should be installed by a qualified electrician. It takes about 5 minutes to install one MTU and a set of Current Transformers.

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TED Current Transformers

These Current Transformers are used for measuring the voltage and current in your home or business. They are designed to measure one 200 Amp service and are accurate to 1 Watt. This means that you can even measure those 12 Watt night lights in your hallway while measuring the 3000 Watt water heater.

You can also use them to measure individual circuits, such as the circuit that feeds your HVAC system or swimming pool pump.

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