Choosing the right inverter

There are several classes of power inverters available for your personal power project and the inverter is probably the most expensive part of the power system. The battery bank for solar applications comes in at a close second. So, let’s try to sort out the differences between inverters and see if we can make the decision easier.

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Grid-Tie – Maximum benefit – Minimum cost

Building a grid-tie system can be very expensive if done without thought. If you simply define the highest peak power that you will ever use and build a GT system that will handle that amount, then you will be wasting a lot of your time and money on unused capacity. This article will help you to understand how to get the maximum benefit from your grid-tie dollars.

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Grid-tie – A step toward Energy Independence

Off Grid Power – The Price of Independence

I hear you say that “My goal is to be independent; off the grid forever. I want to take the responsibility for generating my own power for free and stop paying for power.” Energy Independence and freedom are noble causes, but what will it cost you and are there any valid alternatives for your ability to pay? Oh yes, there is a cost. But there is also a payback period.

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Who Can Sell Power to the Grid?

It is not really a question of whether you ‘may’ connect your inverters to the grid. It is a question of whether it will actually work for you. And there is a distinct possibility that if you purchase the right equipment and get the right permits that it will still not work and you will have your dreams of getting paid by the power company more than it costs you to purchase from them dashed into pieces and leave you wondering why. Why doesn’t this work?

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Grid-Tie Inverter – How Big?

So, what is the right size grid-tie inverter for your energy system? Let’s go through this with a quick exercise using data from my home to give you an idea of how to tackle this problem.

Here is a chart of the power that I used today.

Google PowerMeter - July 11, 2011

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