Measure Your Power Consumption

How do you measure your power consumption? I remember when my son was in high school and he participated in a power test in science class. They measured the time it took for each of the students to run up a flight of stairs, measured their mass and calculated the power required. I also remember that my son, though he was not considered the strongest was measured as the most powerful in the class. So, looks were deceiving everyone. They thought that this one, or that one would be measured as the most powerful, but they were all wrong.

So, how much power do you use?
Are you wasting electricity?
You will never know until you measure it.

That is the push behind your Utility Company efforts to control your air conditioning. They are measuring the supply of electricity to your area and finding that the use is hard to control. They have trouble keeping up with the changing demands. So, they have started by asking you to allow them to control your air conditioner in order to level the electric load.

It is a great idea, but let me manage my own power use, Mr. Electric Company. I can do that if I measure.

So, I bought The Energy Detective and have already started to save $18 per month by removing an old freezer that would never shut off. I replaced it with a new one that costs $3 per month. Sure, I had to buy a new appliance, but in the long run I will come out ahead.

So, measure measure measure and save save save.

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A 500 watt solar system

So, what does a 500 watt solar system look like and how much does it cost? Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

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How much are you really paying for the power grid?

I’ve been investigating again. I listen to people talk and I write a few notes now and then, but the most disturbing note that I have written for a long while is about the cost of the grid versus what electrical power is really worth. First off, the grid costs us …

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What can you do with 500 watts of power ?

One thousand of anything can seem like such a large amount until you get to talking about power. I think of the 500 watt wind turbines and how that seems like such a tiny amount of power ;or even a pair of solar panels that can produce 500 watts. That isn’t very much? Or is it?

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Secrets. Shhhhh. It is hard to keep a secret. When something goes right and you are just itching to tell someone about it, it is lot like a teapot on the stove – lots of pressure under the cap.

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Solar Micro-Inverters

I don’t quite understand how the micro-inverter companies will stay in business for much longer. Why? Because they convert solar energy to electrical energy without the benefit of a storage device. Where are the batteries?

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